Well, This is us! Here you can get to know a little more about us and why we’re sharing our adventures with you.

Maria is a rockstar among teachers! She has served in the Taft City School District for 35 years as a first grade teacher and is often sought out by parents as a favorite! She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, not to mention an adventurous off-roader!

Randy is a pastor, church planter, professor, and author. He is the founder of Connecting Point Communications, a digital media ministry that is reaching the nations with the gospel of Christ as well as creating content to help disciple believers and empower them to mature. You can follow the ministry at randylanebunch.org.

Randy and Maria have been on their journey together for just over a decade now. Having known each other in high school, God reconnected them after many years in 2010. They were married the next year and began their adventures together.

For some time Randy had wanted to purchase a Jeep, and by what certainly seemed the hand of providence, they found what they were looking for at a Jeep dealership on a chance trip to the California Central Coast. They loved their beautiful charcoal gray Sahara, but have since upgraded to a 2015 Rubicon. Some improvements have been made to it already, and more are planned for the immediate future. With it, they crisscross the backcountry near their hometown, including the Temblor Mountain Range and the Carrizo Plains, which became a National Monument in January of 2001.

They plan to go further afield, and when they do, they’ll be taking you along with them through their pictures and videos. Stay tuned, and welcome to the adventure!